Our most frequently asked questions

Two is cool. Three at a time is fine. But four is when the party starts!

All we need is a standard 13-amp power socket to plug ourselves in to and a solid, flat floor. We do bring an extension lead but long, trailing cables are best avoided so we like to keep it to 10 feet or less.

We are always on hand to ensure that all goes smoothly with your photo booth hire and that your guests have a great time.

No, all they have to do is press the button. Our SnappaBox photo booth hire price includes unlimited prints.

Yes. This is the really fun bit – finding out what your guests got up to. Guests are told that the images are saved but sometimes you wouldn’t believe it! An online password protected gallery of the images is included in the cost of the photo booth hire. We’ll also share a digital copy of all the images with you after the event.

The quality is fantastic and they’re fast too. By the time you’ve counted twenty bananas the print will be ready and waiting. If you want the technical bit, we use top of the range dye sublimation printers. The result is great photo quality prints for you and your guests.

What a question! We’ll go as far as you want, but of course the further we go the more we’ll have to charge. Our basic rental includes free delivery to anywhere within a 15 mile radius of our base in London.

Well if you must know it’s a very impressive 1.87 metres long (6’2” in old money) ,1.26 metres wide ( 4”1’) and stands 1.99 metres tall (6’6” ) . Not sure if you’ve enough room at your event? Get in touch and we’ll see where we can fit in.

Please check with the venue that they are happy for us to turn up and plug ourselves in as some venues don’t like being taken by surprise!

Generally, for people and electrics, dry is good and wet is bad – so we prefer indoors, but can set the booth up outside if it can be kept completely dry.

Included in the SnappaBox photo booth hire is a custom banner on all of the prints from your event. We also add your gallery password to the prints so that everyone can have fun viewing the photos the day after your event.

Now you’ve got all the information you need, you can book to rent a SnappaBox party photo booth here or call us on 020 8426 5111