Why Choose SnappaBox Photo Booth Hire?

The SnappaBox photo booth is the ultimate package; it’s neat, compact and really looks the part. We’ve taken the latest in design and graphics to produce one of the best looking, most practical and functional party photo booths available.

What’s more, because the Snappabox is a modular system, it can access all areas and reach the places other photo booths can only dream of going. Stairs, doorways and restricted access pose no problem for the Snappabox.

SnappaBox uses professional kit - so you get professional photos!

Inside, SnappaBox is just as sophisticated as it is on the outside. SnappaBox uses a professional photo studio lighting system to produce great looking results time after time after time. The SnappaBox photo booth lighting delivers a soft, warm and flattering light that eliminates harsh shadows and reduces unattractive contrast.

Matched to the lighting is a high quality digital camera and lens system that produces pinpoint sharp images with a great depth of field – which means no one is left out of focus. To complete the picture, SnappaBox uses dye sublimation printers to produce lab-quality, richly coloured, glossy prints that you and your guests will love.

To hire a SnappaBox party photo booth here or call us on 020 8426 5111 for more info.